Bring Spring to your home



1.Wooden chair from Moustache by Yoox

2. Propagator from Next

3.Kastehelmi bowl from Iittala by Finnish Design Shop

4.Artwork “Kanazawa” from Miss Capricho

5.Garden Gloves from Next

6.Kivet pillow from Marimekko by Finnish Design Shop

7.Beet it -tote from Fluffy Co

8. Table runner from H&M

9. Kartio pitcher from Iittala by Finnish Design Shop

10. Porcelain and leather hanging planter from Farrah Sit by Etsy

11..Garden tool set from Eva Solo by Finnish Design Shop

12. Teardrop Glass Ombre Tealight Holders from Next

13. Eco-textile vase from Bacsac by Yoox







Raw Nutella

Do you know Nutella?It’s Italian brand name of a chocolate hazelnut spread.The original one has a lot of sugar (and maybe also other things I prefer not to eat…) so decided to try a raw version of nutella without sugar (the sweetness comes from agave syrup). It’s really easy to make and it’s just a nice little treatment for my afternoon tea moments.I spread the raw nutella on my raw buck wheat crackers and the taste is just nice!