From yellow sunshine to turquoise water…

This season I love a lot a little touch of bright,sunshine yellow mixed together with fresh turquoise…So when I found at my parent’s home these
vintage pieces, a yellow suitcase and a turquoise stool from the ’70’s, I thought my inspirational board for the season was perfect!

Daily life -My Instagram photos

Hi!This week’s photos are all from my vacation in Finland…

1. A beautiful shop selling interior design.   2. A white lilac;it smells wonderful.

3.Reading Finnish Design magazines.   4. I love these Marimekko’s new summer napkins.

5. Enjoying  a very nice smoothie in the train.  6. My morning porridge with chia seeds and blackberries.

7.Design on a milk carton! The decoration is designed by Ivana Helsinki.

A postcard from Kokkola

Hi!Many greetings from Finland;I just came back home from there!

Have a great Sunday!

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