31 days of enjoying colours: day 1


I found a nice project from the Nesting Place blog  called 31 days

So basically anyone can join in, you just pick a topic and write about it every day for the month of October…

I know I’m a bit late but anyways the following 31 days I’ll post about enjoying colours…

For Ideamoda.com talking about colours is nothing new…

I love colours and  colours do matter…The colours can influence your mood  and I just couldn’t imagine the world without colours.

I’m thankful for the Creator for  creating so many beautiful,amazing colours…so that’s why I want to focus on them more during the following month…

Thanks for visiting and I hope you will also enjoy these following 31 days with colours!

DAY 1:

Enjoying orange roses;love the contrast of the turquoise vase…

Day 2 Watery blues,greens and turquiose

Day 3 All black and white

Day 4 A pink boat

Day 5   A joyful yellow and peaceful green

Day 6 It’s all about red

Day 7 My new printed Missoni Lindex shirt

Day 8  A lemon&Erica

Day 9 My green necklace

Day 10 A yellow lemon

Day 11 Happy Sunday

Day 12 An autumn moodboard

Day 13 Dill,sun,shadow&colours…

Day 14 Autumn multicolours

Day 15 Black carrots

Day 16  Candle lights

Day 17  Swimmers

Day 18 Party time

Day 19 Purple Beetroot crackers

Day 20 Delicious autumn

Day 21   In downtown Milan

Day 22 October flowers

Day 23 Green tea with mint leaves

Day 24 Style is you

Day 25 Colourful wool socks

Day 26 Blue&white…White&blue

Day 27 Photos of photos

Day 28 My new water bottle&glass

Day 29 A colorful welcome for November

Day 30 A colorpalette

Day 31 Autumn collage

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