Milan Design Week- Fuorisalone: Ventura-Lambrate district #fuorisalone2017

Ciao! I will post some nice& colorful things that I found interesting at the Fuorisalone; Milan Design Week. First Ventura-Lambrate district…

I love these pastel color lamps! They are from 24°Studio.

Particular and colourful lamps from 1minuteLamp.

Wonderful and very creative tableware from young, dutch designer Daniel van Dijck. The collection is called “Touch me! Please do not touch!”

Fragile/Nature by Umut Yamac

An installation of by MYOP.

Pikaplant Jar – interesting product!

“Pikaplant Jars are plants you never need to water. Each hand-picked specimen is hermetically sealed inside a humid biotope, and continuously recycles the water and air inside. Jars mimic natural high-humidity biotopes. The resilience and adaptivity of plants amazes us. One of the original prototypes has been flourishing happily in its container for over 30 months.”

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