Colourful Raw Food

When you hear words raw food maybe the first thing you think about is salad…and in a way it means green eating but actually it’s so much more than just a green salad…It can be a whole lifestyle…

So what is then Raw food?

RAW FOOD is food made from






*dried fruits




The ingredients are not heated above 104 degreesĀ  (+40C).The food is in its natural state,allowing the body to derive more nutrional benefit from it:live enzymes and vitamines offer best nutriotion.

Eating an organic raw food diet allows the body to release toxins.It can lead to better health and it can eliminate disease.It’s good also for weight loss,for the skin and to have more energy.

The definitions of a “raw fooder” varies from someone who eats 50 to 100% raw food.

I started to get interested in Raw Food about an year ago.I have been studying many books and learned lot of things.And IĀ  have been making changes little by little and I do have to say that I feel so much better eating raw food.I’m not 100% raw fooder and not even vegetarian as I eat also fish but I love this cuisine. The best thing in raw food is that the colours are so beautiful and strong!

I’ll sometimes post here some colourful raw food recipes I’m trying out!

“You see things; and you say “Why?” But I dream things that never were; and I say “Why not?”
George Bernard Shaw

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