Bring bright colours to your home!

1. Green folder for documents from Nava by Yoox

2. Keep calm and carry on orange print from Etsy

3.Pink lamp from Foscarini by Yoox

4. Yellow Ananas fabric from Marimekko by Finnish Design Shop

5. Green candleholdercandleholder from Iittala by Finnish Design Shop

6. Blue Aalto vase by Iittala by Finnish Design Shop

7. Yellow Lego storage from Amazon

8. A set of colorful bowls from Zak! by Yoox

9. Orange puppy from Magis by Yoox

10. Pink Dustpan and broom from Norman Copenhagen by Finnish Design Shop

11. Turquoise,yellow and pink Solar-powered lighting from Ikea

12. Blue enamel mug from Toast

13. Purple drawer from Kartell by Yoox

14. Yellow Swan lamp from Eero Aarnio by Finnish Design Shop

Principia (art exhibition)

In downtown Milano,in Piazza Duomo there is Principia evocative art exhibition, curated by Denis Santachiara.The exhibition is open until the firts of May 2011.

The pavilion ( the white big bubble you can see in the photo) is divided into eight rooms which explores the relationship between artistic production and the principles of mathematics, geometric, optical, magnetic, electrical and electronic equipment.Scientists and artists exhibit their works of art using the latest technologies.

In this exhition I liked the most the pavilion itself.The colour contrasts were beautiful: pure white,blu sky and the beige of the Duomo.

Here below you’ll see some photos from the exhibition.
























































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