All for children

This is my new cotton tote bag!As you see it has a label saying All for Children. This tote bag is a part of H&M’s project together with Unicef to get children out of work and into school and improve access to health and nutrition care in India. Today, child labour unfortunately occurs within cotton production around the world. H&M does not buy cotton and can therefore not impose any demands upon cotton and cotton seed producers. However, by cooperating with UNICEF they can help address the causes of child labour and improve the situation of children in cotton-producing areas.

The tote bag costs only 2,90Euro so I think it’s worth to buy it and in that way help these children.And the tote bag is cute to for your grocery shopping or you could take in it your lunch and a book and go to a picnic in a park!
Anyways for futher information you can visit this link or see the following video.

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