Villa Marina

One of the most beautiful house in the Housing fair of Kokkola was Villa Marina.The house is a traditional wooden prefabricated house.Downstairs there are hall,kitchen and living room and upstairs there are 3 bedrooms, Tv room and spacious studio with a beautiful view.The house is full of light and I love the comfortable and cozy interior design which has been made by Pernilla Sundell from Blossom.The interior design has sea theme and nice details such as denim and leather make the interior design romantic and relaxed.

The Housing fair of Kokkola, part 1

During my vacation in Finland I visited also a Housing Fair which was arranged this year in my hometown Kokkola. The area is beautiful,located just by the sea and it was great to see beautiful houses and nice interior design ideas.I truly enjoyed the visit and took so many photos…I’ll show you some of the most interesting things I liked the most.Today I’ll show you houses from the outside…There are many,beautiful single family houses but also house apartments.

Here below you’ll find some more information about the fair:

There is arranged a Housing Fair in Finland every summer.The principal function of the Housing Fair Finland Co-op is to improve the quality of housing and living conditions in Finland.the Housing Fair is a meeting point where consumers and producers are brought together. The fairs showcase the latest research in construction and housing related issues.The fair provide the opportunity for designers and builders to try out innovative solutions in practice e.g. architectural and other industry related competitions constantly produce a wealth of new ideas for improvements in housing and living conditions.The housing Fair will be held in different years in different parts of Finland and this year it is arranged in Kokkola, the capital of Central Ostrobothnia.
The housing fair,beautiful residential area is located by the sea, only a couple of kilometres from the city centre.
The size of the planning area is 9 hectares and approximately half of this will be constructed as a compact, round-shaped fair area. Themes of the fair will be homes in all sizes, safety and functionality, senior-aged living, and different energy solutions. Accessibility is applied in outdoor areas.
In total there are more than 100 homes but only 40 homes will be showcased on the fair. 30 objects are single family houses and eight of these are built on plots located immediately by the sea. In addition, two terraced house apartments, seven flats and one semi-detached apartment will be presented. Comfortable living is promoted through a plaza in the heart of the residential area as well as with three different park zones. Impressive outdoor art is placed in the parks to enliven the scenery. Furthermore, the area has its own charming harbour for small boats.

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