A beautiful balcony garden designed by Sikke Sumari

Today I want to show some photos of a beutiful balcony garden designed by Sikke Sumari.She is Finnish restaurateur and writer and she designed this balcony for the Housing Fair of Kokkola,Finland in summer 2011.The balcony she designed shows very well that a balcony garden does not need to be a minimalist:there is a wide variety of vegetables and herbs growing like basil,cherry tomatoes,blackberry,eggplant, marjoram, beans, chervil, parsley, cucumber… Isn’t it all so beautiful,green and quiet? I love this balcony!

“Do not take a balcony as a room but as a piece of nature in your home.”  Sikke Sumari

Here is another advice from Sikke Sumari:

“Make a story book from your garden of its various stages.Take photos, draw illustrations and dry few flowers.
Write down the snapshots, bits of poetry or other considerations.You will have a wonderful memory for the winter and next summer, you know, what grew well and what is perhaps less well managed.”

Relaxing weekend

1.Bubble bath from iherb.com (If you haven’t ever odered from iherb.com use the code GIC347 and you will save $5 on your first order!)

2.Water bottle from Dutchbydesign.com

3.Pink chemise from Anthropologie

4.Pip Studio Paradise Duvet Set from Urban Outfitters

5.Fazer Geisha Harmony Almond  filled chocolate bar from Suomikauppa.com

6.White Hot – cool colours for modern living by Tricia Guild from Amazon

7.Organic white tea with raspberry from Clipper

8.Kartio tumbler from Iittala by Finnish Design Shop

9.Modernist mug from West elm

10.Peony scented fragrance from Designers Guild

Pantone Espresso Cup

Pantone* extensive family now also includes espresso cups.They are designed by Whitbread Wilkinson under license from Pantone.The cups are made from fine bone china, and are light.The cups are available in 18 different,bright colors.I think these cups are really cute and I’m sure you’ll enjoy your espresso even more drinking it from a beautifully colored cup!Our cups are named Grape Juice (520) and Vintage Blue (630).
You can order these cups online from Whitbread Wilkinson or even from Amazon but you might find them also in many different shops.

*Pantone has been the world’s color authority for 45 years, providing design professionals with products and services for the colorful exploration and expression of creativity. Always a source for color inspiration, Pantone now offers designer-inspired products and services for consumers.

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