Antica Osteria Cavallini

In Milan the first of August, 2011 Restaurant Antica Osteria Cavallini opened renewed.The restaurant has a long history as a traditional
Italian restaurant but now after the reform and the new owner,the restaurant is minimalist and refined, has a number of areas treated in detail and embellished with elegant pieces of modern art.And the food…The owner Joseph Ghapios has a passion for food and all details are accurately maintained so that you can really sense the great taste of the food.

I love the colors and shapes of the the beautiful floor tiles…and the chandeliers are absolutely stunning.

There is a picturesque garden, adorned with colorful orchids, gardenia and lemon trees which create a welcoming atmosphere and offer a little ‘green in the center of Milan.

If you would like to see more photos I took from the restaurant visit here.

For more information about Antica Osteria Cavallini visit here.

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