Handmade decorating ideas for your home by Paola Suhonen

Last summer at the housing fair of Kokkola (Finland) one of the most popular attractions was apartment block constructed by Lemminkäinen. The  interior design of the apartment was created by the designer Paola Suhonen.

She was inspired by recycling and nature and most of the decorating ideas were handmade.So, If you like the ideas and you’re good in crafts you can take these ideas and decorate your home with  personalized and beautiful ideas.

I like a lot this handmade, crocheted butterfly mat!It is so cute and I would love to have this kind of mat at my home.I just don’t know if I remember  how to crochet all these patterns… (Mum I need your help! ) :)




























Buy a thick foam and cut out the shape of an anchor.Cut tricot fabric, or the old vests  in thick tape and crochet cover for the anchor.The anchor can act as a cushion or a work of art.

















Collect some tree branches from the forest.Attach branches with glue and with small nails to a standard cabin-door.

















This lamp requires some skills, but is worth of time and effort.Buy lanterns and add to them the cord and light bulb.Attach lanterns together with a wire.





















Last, and perhaps the easiest idea…Take a wooden hanger and decorate it with different kind of buttons.Really easy idea but beautiful…



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