Marimekko Lapikkaat (boots)

These boots are called Lapikkaat.It is a Finnish word and it means these special kind of leather boots  which were earlier seen and used in Lapland by a reindeer herder or they were used  by men with a Finnish national costume.The original leather boots are Finnish handwork and made for tough use;the bottom is leather with wooden nails.And the color is always brown.Lapikkaat,the boots which have been familiar in a tradition dressing have now been made their way in fashion.The designer Noora Niittykoski has designed a modern version of Lapikkaat for Marimekko.The old, traditional, and brown boot has become a colorful one:orange,violet,pink and when the stalks are turned up,you will have also some yellow in sight.Boots are made with a genuine spirit of respect for tradition, and they are manufactured in Finland.They are made of reindeer leather which makes them very durable.
The boots are sold by Finnish Design Shop

Marimekko Lapikkaat

Image by Finnish Design Shop




A pair of a traditional Finnish boots;Lapikkaat.
Image by Isoaidin aikaan

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