Gingerbread Cookies: traditional&raw















One of the Finnish Christmas traditions is baking Gingerbread cookies.We have with my sons, maintained the tradition for many years, even though we live in Italy and yesterday we had again our baking day.The atmosphere was beautiful: having nice time with my kids, listening Christmas carols and out of the oven coming a wonderful aroma of spices…
This year I also made for myself raw Gingerbread cookies and they came out pretty good.The Gingerbread dough was so good that I could have eaten it alone!But decided then to put them for few hours to the dehydrator and they became really nice and crispy.The recipe will follow!





















































Mix the almonds to a flour.Add the oil and dates.Mix.
Add the spices and salt and mix again.
Add the agave and blend until the mixture has a good consistency.Spread the dough on a butting board and make your cookies.Eat like that or dehydrate for few hours.Enjoy!

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