World Design Capital Helsinki 2012

The World Design Capital (WDC) is a city promotion project by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design to recognize and award accomplishments made by cities around the world in the field of design and this year, 2012 Helsinki is the World Design Capital.
“Finland is a land of thousand of designers.Alvar Aalto,Aino Aalto,Kaj Franck,Maija Isola,Harri Koskinen and Tapio Wirkkala just to mention a few,are all household names around the global design community.Design is simply a part of the Finnish way of life.”

“World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 consists of events and projects that turn design into a tool for cultural,social and economic development.Just like design itself,World Design Capital 2012 is literally everywhere around us.You can find it at galleries,shops or cafes in the Design District Helsinki.”

Anyways there will be lots of interesting events and happenings during this year and it will be worth to travel to Helsinki!I really do hope to go to Helsinki sometime this year…
For more information click here.

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