Gingerbread hearts…

Today our home was filled with a lovely Christmas aroma as we baked gingerbread hearts,starts and men with my kids.
Christmas is really just around the corner!


Hi!There was a surprise waiting for me this morning when I woke up:it had been snowing the whole night!And it keeps on snowing…
So today all is white…

I really had to get out a have a nice walk on the snow…and with these boots it’s totally fine…

The white landscape is just beautiful to watch…

Then suddenly while walking in the snow someone called me to take a photo of his snowman!And yes it was worth to take a photo.Nice and big,don’t you think? And lovely that not only kids enjoy playing with the snow!

And I liked his creative way to use vegetables and fruits to decorate the snowman!Good job!Now I’m sure when my kids see these photos they want also make a huge snowman!And me too…it would be lovely to play with snow with them…so maybe I’ll post you so more photos later!

Xmas wishlist for Her

1. van Heesch  copper plated bike from The Bicycle Man

2. Pearl Bracelet from Macy’s

3. Silver cherry quartz earrings from Chan Luu via Net-A-Porter

4. Candy light lamp designed by Jaime Hayon from Baccarat

5. Metallic leather loafers from Newbark via Net-A-Porter

6. Metallic patent-leather cosmetics case from Alexander McQueen via The Outnet

7. Cashmere cardigan from J.Crew via Net-A-Porter

8. Bowl designed by Tom Dixon from Hex via Yoox

9.Fresh Brew Black Tea, Peach from Harney & Sons via iHerb

10. Redsmith Dining Chair from Anthropologie