31 days of Fashion tips

31fashion  Hi! October is here…A month when I’ll participate again the project 31 Days created by the Nesting Place.

What it’s all about?31 Days is an online writing challenge where I’ll write about a topic of my choice every day in October.

Last year it was about enjoying colors but this time I’ll share some fashion tips. So stay tuned…the first tip will be shared tomorrow,on the first October!

 Day 1:Dress for your body shape

Day 2: Dress for your body shape,part 2

Day 3: What every wardrobe needs

Day 4: Basic jackets for you wardrobe

Day 5: A basic shoe wardrobe

Day 6: Basic accessories

Day 7: Understanding colors make you look more confident!

Day 8: 31 days of Fashion tips.Day 8:How to wear colors

Day 9: Emerald green

Day 10: Add some colorful accessories to brighten up your autumn day!

Day 11: Autumn color inspiration

Day 12: A relaxed,Saturday outfit

Day 13: Stylish wellies

Day 14: Fashionable raincoats

Day 15: Fall 2013′s Hottest Accessory is a hat!

Day 16: More autumn colors…

Day 17: All tweed

Day 18: Luxurious leopard print

Day 19: Rainy day essentials

Day 20: Lace pencil skirt&Cashmere sweater

Day 21: Navy blue is the new black

Day 22:Be inspired by young Finnish fashion designers

Day 23: Accessories from Finnish designers

Day 24: Window shopping in Milan

Day 25: Tartan- major trend for fall 2013

Day 26: Mohair pullovers

Day 27: Pink coat

Day 28: Fiery red

Day 29: Metallic glamour

Day 30: Ecru: an other fashion trend for fall 2013

Day 31: The best thing to wear…

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