31 days of Fashion tips.Day 1:Dress for your body shape

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Here we go;the first day of 31 days of fashion tips.And for my opinion absolutely the first thing to know if you want to be
well dressed is to know the fact that it’s not about the size but it’s all about the shape! I’m sure you have heard about
apple,pear,triangle,hourglass or rectangle shapes or sometimes shapes are described as letters A, O, Y,H…

Of course everyone of us is unique yet all of us share attributes and problems.So the main thing is to know what is your body shape so that you can better understand what kind of clothes fit you best.

If you don’t know yet your body shape here is what you do to find it out:

1.Stand in front of a mirror while wearing as little as possible. Clothing can mask your shape, making it harder for you to get an accurate picture of your curves.

2.Determine which parts of your body are largest and which are narrowest. Note your shoulders, bust, waist, hips, and thighs. Determine which connecting contours are curviest, and which are straightest.

3.Note your “problem” areas. Determine which parts of your body you have the hardest time flattering. For example, this could include broad shoulders or thick thighs.

4.Note your positive features. Determine what your best assets are. This could include slender arms or legs, or a balanced set of curves.

Or you can use this body shape calculator to help you out.

So are you an apple,rectangular,pear or hourglass?Did you find it easy or difficult to find out your body shape?

Many women do not fit perfectly within one body shape;so don’t worry!You just have to be  prepared for little variations…

But come back tomorrow as we will discuss about the results.

31 Days of fashion tips

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