31 days of Fashion tips.Day 7:Understanding colors make you look more confident!

variympyraThe past few days while talking about the basics for your wardrobe I have been mainly choosing black or grey as colors and that’s because it’s easy to add other colors to these 3 basic colors: black,white and grey.

But I think using only black can be very boring;actually black as a color doesn’t even suit all the people but some may see very pale on it. And yes we know that if you wear only black it can make you look slimmer but colors are important and there is a way to use them in a way that colors make you look more confident.By choosing your best clothing colors, you can make your skin glow, your eyes sparkle and your entire look appear more pulled together!

Warm colors are colors where the shades of reds and yellows are dominant.

Normally people who suit warm colors have some red in their hair or

In the cold colors blue is the dominant color.

Normally people who suit cool colors generally have white or olive colored skin.

So how to figure out what colors suit you best?
Take a selection of fabric colors that are warm, cool, light, dark, muted and clear. Stand in front of the mirror in a well-lit room with natural light. Place each one around half of your face and chin. You’ll find that some colors tend to make you look pale, yellowish, unhealthy or otherwise not as complimentary. Analyze these colours to see what they share in common. Are they warm, cool, light, dark or muted? These are the colour elements you should NOT be using in your wardrobe. The colours that make your cheeks glow, eyes sparkle and that compliment your hair are the ones that should definitely be included in your wardrobe.

If you are blond and your eyes are blue or green and your skin is gold or peace the best colors for you are cool and bright colors:like pink,turquoise,coral…

If you hair is really blond and your skin is very pale your best suit are pastels and cool colors.

And as I said earlier if you have red,black or dark brown hair and your skin is olive or light pink your best colors are all the warm colors.Never use pastels!

If you have black hair and your skin is ivory the best colors for you bright and clean colors like red and blue.

Knowing which colors look best on you is only the beginning. Now you need to make sure that your future wardrobe is made up with these color elements.

And the best advice is:Use the colors that suit you best next to your face!

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