31 days of Fashion tips.Day 13: Stylish wellies

nokian1Autumn can be a rainy season and sometimes it might be difficult to be stylish and practical when it’s raining.But now it’s possible!After seeing these wellies from Nokian Footwear designed by Julia Lundsten  you cannot say anymore that wellies are only boring or ugly.

The Finnish company, Nokian Footwear is a specialist in high quality rubber footwear with over 100 years of experience working with natural rubber and this new collection deigned  by Julia Lundsten was made to reflect the Scandinavian way of dressing and stays true to Lundsten’s unique vision, with the emphasis on the materials, allowing the natural rubber to become the main design feature without the need for extra decoration.

nokian2“The collection successfully combines the values that are most important to Nokian Footwear and Julia Lundsten – high quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and unique Finnish design create contemporary rain boots perfect for the city.”

I do agree-these wellies are very stylish and chic!

nokian3You can buy Nokian footwear wellies from here.

31 days of Fashion tips