Eataly- new store in Milan


Have you ever heard about Eataly?
The name EATALY is the fusion of two English words: the verb to EAT and ITALY.

“As a result, Eataly stands for “eating Italian”, but not only Italian food: “eating Italian” is the product of excellent Mediterranean cuisine combined with its food farm production; of the wine and food history and culture of our country; of the “replication” of its dishes, many of which have “poor” roots; of the many positive blends that our history has received (take the example of the tomato which originates from America and as a response, many of our traditional dishes are created to pay tribute to foreigners).”

eat3In Milan Eataly opened their new store in March but I had the opportunity to visit it only last Saturday.

eat2The new store is called  Eataly Smeraldo because it’s build on a place where there used to be a famous theater called Smeraldo.The historic building has three floors and  over the years famous international artists such as Bob Dylan and Ray Charles and many famous Italian artists have been performing there. The store  kept the original stage of the theater, which will host many shows and concerts as you can see from the picture above.


eat5The store has 15 different restaurants with different themes:like fish,meat,pasta,pizza,fried,sandwich and so on..and there is also a gourmet restaurant Alice .Two women have been chosen to lead the gourmet restaurant Alice: chef with a Michelin star Viviana Varese, and the maitre Sandra Ciciriello.







eat12Such a lovely store- and I love also all the design details!

Eataly has many stores in the whole world like New York,Chicago, Dubai,Istanbul… Or you can also buy online.

You will find all the details from here:

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