Easter’s colour palette

As most of the major festivals are associated with a unique set of colors also Easter has its own colour palette and each of these Easter colours has its own importance and significance.


The color red is symptomatic of the blood that Lord Jesus Christ shed from his forehead, when the crown of thorns pierced into his bones. He shed the blood for our sins. Red color is extensively used to make designs on Easter eggs. Red spring flowers such as tulips are extensively used to decorate Easter eggs and included in flower baskets.













The color white symbolizes the hope of the resurrection, as well as the purity and newness that comes from victory over sin and death. White lily, one of the traditional flowers of Easter, is widely used for decorations of home and premises. It is used to adorn the altar at churches as well.










Yellow symbolizes the light of the world brought by the risen Christ that enlightens the world. Spring season is the time for the bloom of attractive yellow colored flowers, such as chrysanthemums, gerberas and sun flowers. You can make use of the beautiful blooming flowers in your decorations for Easter.









Purple color is the color of royalty. It is the color of the garment that covered Jesus, when he was taken to the crucifix. Jesus Christ’s face and eyes turned purple in color, when he was tortured while crucifixion. Purple tulips can be used to adorn Easter flower bonnet. You can also make a beautiful bouquet by making use of purple colored spring flowers.




Black is the color of sin or darkness that engulfed the world after Christ’s crucifixion. As an exception, black color is not used to decorate the home and premises during the ceremonious occasion of Easter. However, you can always wear black colored outfit during the holiday season.


Green is the colour of grass and spring but it is also the colour of hope.And we do have hope because Christ is risen!

Happy Easter!

Colour trends Spring/Summer 2011:Brilliant Brights




















All the images above are from Elle (Italy).


Ahh…look at these beautiful and bright colours!Wonderful,don’t you think?So Strong… so Soften… so Energize… so Excit…these are keywords for Spring Summer 2011. All the colours you can see in the these images above from the fashion shows are strong and bright by themselves but the thing that makes them look even brighter and stronger is that there is an interesting marriage of unexpected warm and cool tones.It’s like an exotic journey to countries like Africa, India, Peru and Turkey; cleverly combining complementary colors.

I’am very excited about the return of bright colours.I just love the idea to mix them together!

The key colours are:

*Fire-inspired reds, oranges, and ambers
*Bright, clean blues
*Greens from forest floor
*Purples and vibrant pinkish-Red&Pink
*Lighter golden browns and smoke&ash as soft whispers of neutral colours



The main rule is:





ps.Please don’t use black with these beautiful,bright colours! :)

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