Esmara by Heidi Klum:today @ #lidl #letswow

Heidi Klum has teamed up with LIDL to create a new clothing collection:esmara.

Heidi said that she wanted to create Fashion for everyone!

“#LETSWOW is a statement addressing every woman in the world. Through this fashion collaboration between Heidi Klum and Lidl, stylish fashion will be affordable for everyone.”

The 85-piece collection includes includes for example leopard print, mini skirts and leather jackets, leather boots, jeans, cardigan, blouses… but the collection may vary from shop to shop.

Anyways the collection is available today at Lidl.

I went early this morning to see what my Lidl had to offer from this collection. And have to say I’m quite happy with the pieces I found for myself…even though I would loved to have those beautiful leather boots …

Watch also this nice video of the collection!

Happy shopping! AND #letswow ♥

Manolo Blahnik; The Art of Shoes #exhibition #milan

There is a beautiful exhibition in Milan right now until the the 17th of April:


The exhibition is a must-see for lovers of fashion, beauty, art -and of course SHOES! :) The Exhibition presents a personal retrospective of the 45-year career of the master including more than 200 pairs of shoes and 80 drawings.
Manolo Blahnik has a strong relationship with Italy; still today he continues to produce all the shoes in the Milan area where he started.

“Manolo Blahnik has worked with the finest materials and made all kind of combinations in the most unique inventive manner;his reputation lays in his surprising patterns, including his favorite, the floral Marimekko (Unikko). “

Ahhh…and so many other amazing shoes….but I will stop here. :D

But you can visit the exhibition until the 17th of April.

Palazzo Morando, via sant’Andrea 6, Milano

Spring/ summer 2017 color trend: Pale Dogwood Pink #pink

Today I’m presenting one of the trend colors for the Spring/Summer 2017: Pale Dogwood Pink.

“PANTONE 13-1404 Pale Dogwood
Continuing the tranquil mood, Pale Dogwood is a quiet and peaceful pink shade that engenders an aura of innocence and purity. The unobtrusive Pale Dogwood is a subtle pink whose soft touch infuses a healthy glow.”

I personally would never wear pink from head-to-toe, but I have to say that I do like a lot this blush pink mixed with other colors!


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