Daily life -My Instagram photos

This week’s Instagram photos are from my summer vacation…

1.Just love the colors of this locker room.   2. Advertisement  for Picasso exhibition in Cannes.

3.Photo exhibition in Cannes.  4. And nature’s own exhibition in Nice!

5. Relaxing in the beautiful sea…  6. Or just staying under the umbrella…

7.An other nice locker room.   8. A pink oar is just perfect!

life rearranged

Daily life -My Instagram photos

1.A beautiful,orange house with orange flowers in Orta San Giulio.  2.Lake Orta (North Italy)…so beautiful!

3.A walk in a forest…love the light.   4. And while walking in the forest enjoying also the colorful flowers…

5.Liked this lamp…at Ikea.  6. We had a dinner in a nice restaurant and they put these nice crochet on the plate.Nice idea!

7.Ice cream for kids:it has been hot these days!

Daily life -My Instagram photos

Hi!This week’s photos are all from my vacation in Finland…

1. A beautiful shop selling interior design.   2. A white lilac;it smells wonderful.

3.Reading Finnish Design magazines.   4. I love these Marimekko’s new summer napkins.

5. Enjoying  a very nice smoothie in the train.  6. My morning porridge with chia seeds and blackberries.

7.Design on a milk carton! The decoration is designed by Ivana Helsinki.

Daily life -My Instagram photos

1. A delicious raw chocolate bar from Finland    2.New T-shirts in bright & strong colors!

3. Someone is working hard…  4. I just love the color of these flowers.

5.There is a new store in the mall,looks nice!   6. Have been packing…

7. These days  it has been hot in Milan: 34-36 °C!

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